Fighting AIDS

AIDS is a leading cause of death globally. An estimated 34 million people were living with HIV worldwide in 2012, with two-thirds living in sub-Saharan Africa. While this reflects the continued large number of new HIV infections, there is a significant increase in access to effective and affordable antiretroviral therapies (ART) which has helped reduce AIDS-related deaths.


While Strides encompasses the global requirements of ART, the focus is on production and supply of newer anti-retroviral drugs that are difficult to manufacture. This includes pediatric dispersible formulations, new fixed-dose molecules (Products which are still under patent) which Strides have access through license agreements with Gilead, Vive Healthcare, among others, for the underdeveloped & developing markets.

Fighting TB

Second only to AIDS, TB is responsible for majority of deaths from an infectious disease globally. Worldwide, mortality from TB has fallen by 41 percent since 1990. Despite this progress, the global burden of TB remains enormous. However, recent years have seen an increase in the number of TB patients diagnosed with multidrug-resistant TB, fueled by the HIV epidemic, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Those who are HIV-positive are up to 30 times more likely to develop active TB than those who are not.

Strides has a state-of-the-art anti-TB drug facility formulating the various fixed-dose combinations necessary to tackle the notorious disease both for affected adults as well as pediatric populations. Thus empowered to combat resistant forms of TB as well as HIV-TB co-infection and preventing further spread of the disease.

Fighting Malaria

As of 2012, 3.3 billion people (half the world’s population) live in areas at risk of Malaria transmission in 106 countries and territories. 781,000 people die of Malaria every year and it affects the most vulnerable. Over 80% of these deaths are in Africa alone. Besides lost economic output, 40% of drug expenditure in affected countries is spent on Malaria drugs alone.


Strides have begun supply of WHO Pre-Qualified Artemether + Lumifantrine (AL) Tablets and Artemether inj to the affected populations. The API for anti-malarial drugs is sourced from SeQuent Scientific Limited, which works closely with the Strides group. For Artemether, they are backwardly integrated up to the farm where artemisinin is extracted from artemisia plants. Strides will shortly introduce pediatric dispersible formulations of anti-malarials to cater to Malaria infected infants and children. Keeping in sync with the latest treatment guidelines, Strides looks forward to introduce newer products and meet emerging demand.