As one of the largest Indian suppliers of drugs in the Anti-Retroviral and Anti-Malaria segments, Strides is at the fore-front in the fight against these global pandemics. Strides is an approved supplier to Institutionally-funded aid projects and Global Procurement Agencies like UNITAID, Global Drug Facility (GDF), PEPFAR (The US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) and Clinton Foundation. Our Anti-Retroviral and Anti-Malarial drugs are supplied to disease-prone regions in Africa, Asia and Latin America and are distributed in more than 65 countries. Strides’ goal is to bring the best treatments at an affordable cost to patients in afflicted countries.

Strides manufactures its Institutional range of products at world-class facilities in Bangalore that comply with stringent regulatory standards and having regulatory approvals from the US-FDA, MHRA, TGA and WHO.

Strides has filed over 555 dossiers of Institutional products globally, with 360 product registrations obtained in more than 50 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia; and we are constantly adding newer molecules and fixed-dose combinations to our therapeutic basket.