AFRICA is where Strides initiated its business in the early 90’s and hence holds a special place in our way forward strategies. Our business actions in this continent are informed by our philosophy of “In Africa for Africa”. We are contributing to improving the quality of life by providing therapeutically effective, high-quality medication to people in the region.

Today we are considered one of the leading players in West and French Africa, and primarily operate in the segments of branded generics and OTC products, with a footprint in 27 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. We have a repertoire of over 900 product registrations with another 300 in the pipeline, mostly in the oral, injectable and topical dosage forms.

The African economies are growing rapidly and the healthcare market size is expected to double to US$ 45 billion by 2020. Moreover, sub-saharan Africa holds out one of the most-

attractive business opportunities in the future. We commissioned our first African manufacturing facility in Lagos, Nigeria in 2008.

Our local business models are customised to meet the unique and diverse needs of countries in the Region. Strides has its own front-end sales and marketing personnel. In a few markets we use the services of local distributors and support them with our expertise. The localisation of our business will also generate significant local employment opportunities while helping to facilitate regional growth.