Drawing on our extensive experience in Emerging and Developed markets worldwide, Strides entered the Indian domestic market in 2007 through the acquisition of a South India based pharmaceutical company. From a largely south based operation the India Brands business is emerging as a strong Regional player in niche branded pharmaceutical products. .

Strides - Brands India, as we call our domestic business, is present across 8 states in Southern and Western India and enjoys strong brand equity in multiple therapeutic categories such as CNS, Cardio Vascular, Women's Health, Diabetes, Pain Management, Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements. Our flagship brand ReNerve, is the 2nd largest brand in its segment, and enjoys undisputed leadership in the Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements category, commanding tremendous equity across doctor specialties as well as geographies.

Our success is driven by a combination of highly competent sales and marketing team, manufacturing superiority, high focus on quality and an optimum distribution network. Today, the Brands India-

business employs over 400 people and reaches out to specialist doctors, hospitals, retailers and patients through a wide network catering to over 700 stockists and 50,000 retail outlets.

Strides - Brands India is now poised for growth – we possess a portfolio of recognized brands in fast-growing therapeutic segments. We are further strengthening our presence in the represented therapy areas through differentiated new product launches. We are also deepening our reach in existing geographies while expanding into new territories.

We believe that the patient is at the centre of all that we do and all that we stand for. What sets us apart is our commitment to patients with serious chronic diseases, our focus on launching affordable quality medicines to combat those diseases, and our dedication to increase patient access to these medicines. Strides - Brands India will stay a step ahead to sustain our strong growth trajectory and remain one of India’s most admired and valuable businesses.