Strides Technology and Research's (STAR) high technical expertise, culture of innovation and unique ability to identify market opportunities has resulted in a robust pipeline of products to meet the growing requirements of Pharma majors as they face the challenges of an off patent regime. The focus of the team at STAR is on hi-end value products that are niche in terms of development complexity and formulation design and characterised by high entry barriers.

The 100 strong Pharma R&D team offers solutions across the entire product development value chain including strategic sourcing, identification and characterisation of the reference drug, patent and regulatory review, formulation development, analytical method development and validation, stability and bioequivalence studies, packaging development, regulatory filings and technology transfer.

STAR is actively engaged in the development of a wide variety of dosage forms including novel delivery systems for solid orals (coated and uncoated tablets) and soft gelatin capsules for both Regulated and Emerging markets.

Our strong R&D capabilities together with our knowledge of the regulatory environment in Regulated markets have resulted in successful registrations in several markets. As of end 2012 our R&D have filed nearly 1000 dossiers across regulated and emerging markets, with 46% accounted for by Regulated markets including US. These include several Para –IV filings. During the same time, more than 200 registrations were approved in the Regulated markets.

Our innovative formulation development skill sets, combined with competitive development costs and the ability to provide end-to-end customer support, have established the Division as a value added growth engine.

  • Technical Expertise

    Strong technical leadership to develop high-quality pharma products that create strategic value for our partners and customers

  • Product Selection

    Focus on niche products characterised by complex formulations across diverse therapeutic categories

  • Development

    R&D capability to develop over an entire cycle with new and better technologies at competitive cost

  • Regulatory Review/Filing

    Strong IP assessment capabilities and global
    regulatory expertise