North America being one of the most attractive pharma markets globally, is a strategic geography for Strides. Our presence there enhances our ability to reach a larger base of customers and patients in need of quality treatment options. Strides Pharma Inc. is the front-end company with a clear vision of providing quality health care products to the market. Our focus is on high value-niche products where we can garner a significant share by leveraging our core strengths for efficient formulation development, complex manufacturing and operational flexibility.

The core generic pharma business in N. America is led by IP-driven product licensing and partnerships with strong and penetrative local marketing and distribution companies to-

supply retail and hospital generics. Some of our successes have been Vancomycin Caps - a difficult-to-manufacture product where stability of product is enhanced through a hot-melt HGC capsule formulation - distributed through Alvogen in the US.

Strides has a very interesting pipeline of niche prescription products lined up for launch in the US with close to 47 ANDA’s filed and awaiting approvals. We also have 15 unique soft-gel capsule formulations (both RX and OTC) in the therapeutic categories of immuno-suppressants,   complex vitamins and anti-lipidemics. Examples are Ergocalciferol, Calcitriol, Tacrolimus and an Ibuprofen- Diphenhydramine combination.