North America being one of the most attractive pharma markets globally, is a strategic geography for Strides. Our presence there enhances our ability to reach a larger base of customers and patients in need of quality treatment options. Strides Pharma Inc. is the front-end company with a clear vision of providing quality health care products to the market both in Prescription and Consumer Health Care segments . Our focus is on high value-niche products where we can garner a significant share by leveraging our core strengths for efficient formulation development, complex manufacturing and operational flexibility. In the Consumer Healthcare space, we operate both in Brands as well as Private Labels. Our brands include JointFlex®, Vanquish®, Pediacare® and Fergon®.

Strides has a very interesting pipeline of niche prescription products lined up for launch in the US with close to 29 ANDA’s filed and awaiting approvals. We also have 15 unique soft-gel capsule formulations in the therapeutic categories of immuno-suppressants, complex vitamins and anti-lipidemics. Examples are Ergocalciferol, Calcitriol, Tacrolimus and an Ibuprofen- Diphenhydramine combination.